Annie P Turner was the late great aunt of our founder Apostle Laequinla Hunter. She was a youth pastor and reared Apostle hunter from the age of 13 to adulthood. Apostle Hunter received much spiritual guidance from her that shaped her spiritual and natural life. She attended Booker T Washington High School during the time of segregation. She was a strong advocate for Education.. She spent numerous years mentoring youth She was also one of the very few African American Women who worked for the Federal Government during her time. Today we keep her legacy alive through the Annie P Turner Scholarship

 Traci M. Forbes

4-10-79 ~ 10-16-09

Traci was a vibrant breath of fresh air.  She was always pushing and assisting others to achieve their dreams and goals, often to the neglect of her own.  There are several testimonies from friends and co-workers about how she equipped them with resources, information, support and (most importantly) belief in themselves; to cause them to achieve goals they never thought they would achieve. Traci was funny and would make you laugh at yourself when circumstances warranted crying.  Then she would lock arms (and hearts) to get pass the matter at hand.  She was a true and dedicated friend to her amazing circle and would work on your dream as if it were her own.  At home, Traci was a "Mommy's Girl" and such a loving Mom to Kameron. Kameron's favorite memories of her Mom are when Traci would put makeup on her, and they would sing with the radio. She was also the second Mom to her brothers. Traci was a true "Fashionista", always sharp and coordinated from head to toe.  She was often called on to assist with a special wardrobe for someone and was developing a "Plus-Size" Magazine when she succumbed to bi-lateral pneumonia in October 2009.

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